It’s over now Thank god It’s over now and you can blame me all you like yeah all you want, but it’s over now. I don’t want to live with you constant shouting, Smashing up my house and screaming, it’s collateral. Too dramatical. I need practical something calming Soothing, sooth.


If you are loving me like you love your mother then you arent loving her. If your keeping me like you kept your goldfish then im floating in the death of your neglect If youre leaving like you left your child then youre no fighter If your loving me like you love your mother then … Continue reading mother

‘Sober’, out now, keep a lookout for the next lot of giveaways

August 2020 Dear reader,  The last few months have been testing, not just for me but for the whole country.  They opened up the pubs and they’ve opened up the parks again to the public. Kids sneaking about having house parties and apparently increasing the infection rates. Schools are reopening and people have been doing … Continue reading ‘Sober’, out now, keep a lookout for the next lot of giveaways


I got to cut you lose because it will become too much and I don't want to have to choose between loving you and living my life you're not making me happy and you disregard everything like you know best and you tell me its probably good to just forget but what about the things … Continue reading lose

I’m tired

I’m tired of this griveing feelingYou made it very clear youre leavingI haven’t been doing much healingI’ve been feeling tired of this grieving feelingI wish you would just come put these problems to bedFill back the silence with talk insteadYou know there’s much to talk aboutWe’ve never had a fight, never had a shout.


In my ex’s eyes I am every mistake In my mother’s eyes I’m the ones I didn’t make In fathers eyes there’s no reflection there In my haters they don’t even care In my lovers eyes all he sees is faith In my daughters eyes she hopes for grace My sons eyes all he sees … Continue reading Eyes


Let's get high, I'm tired of fucking crying all the time, let's get high I don't think the neighbours will mind?  commit crime then run and never do the time stay inside but get high to pass the time let's get high because I'm fucking sick of crying all the time.

How does it feel?

How does it feel? when the ringtone has no line door knocks but there is no one inside Car goes but there is no one in the passenger side Alarm bells but not for the school ride How does it feel? the mug sits but with no tea Love is no longer eternity.  


You display anger defeat and a world you haven't yet met, to make your own And if there's someone you love that feels lost and alone You turn cold. You challenge everyone else but don't care for yourself You make me so mad that I wish we hadn't met But then I return to that … Continue reading You


Maybe I underestimated The places you’ve been taking me lately You keep on coming back Even when I bite at you And there’s nothing you can really do I don’t like you And seriously I can’t be crushing I’m too old for that Maybe I’m a little bit in love.


Wheels rumble through floorboards at night, Every time an engine goes by, and the lamp from the street beams into the curtains, it's a dreary evening, a sombre feeling, Slugs come out from the cracks in the kitchen, the neighbours are yelling about the mystery lady, the cafes and restaurants they're beaming with life, loud … Continue reading Panic


I can dance in the shower with my tits swaying back and forth if I want to, and I can climb these god damn walls if I want to! didn't your mother ever tell you, rules, are meant to be broken? and if my soul is half-destroyed then there's nothing wrong with continuing to destroy … Continue reading Tits


your pearls of wisdom grind my teeth but you pull me in like Malibu and ice cream your face is wrong you're blunt you're toxic like a summers nights bad dream im waking up but fallin in deep forcing my fingers in a live socket you shock my body i'm burning badly in a boxing … Continue reading Pearls