Now that I’m free will god start forgiving me Will the lord lay down the path Will he let me go at last Now that I’m close Will god make me ghost Will the lord let me be Will the lord see faith in me Now I’m almost free.

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Here Comes the rain Lay here with me You are brave Here comes the rain Pour out your soul You are brave Here comes the rain The pouring rain The falling rain Here comes the rain Come lay Come lay


If I never tell you Maybe that’ll save us both Some time I’ll turn you anti-clockwise Blow your bristle seeds away Dancing care free , pain free Off into a sunset I’ll shake the stem and start again. If I never tell you Maybe I will save us all The time Blow your gentle particles … Continue reading Dandelion


Before I even step on the stage Or open my mouth Or look at you You’ve judged me In the mini seconds of my opening my mouth Saying one word Explaining my name You’ve probably caught on I have particular social skills Or no social skills at all You probably didn’t even hear me When … Continue reading judge


My eyes. Drag, forced to the pillow like a magnetic force Head, heavy like a lump of concrete It’s not the sleep deprivation talking Or the excessive amounts of caffeine My body is inside a dream and I feel tranquillised and the thought of leaving Exhausted at the thought of remaining I’m in an unsteady … Continue reading Shattered


my step mum bought me flowers and I love them very much they are colourful and vibrant a beautiful little bunch orange, yellow, pink and purple perfect food for my soul I cant wait for the seasons to change so we can all see more.


he made it simple stripped down all the impossible tasks and if there was anything bothering me he would let me ask although he couldnt tell me why the moon was the moon and what people meant by I will see you soon he could never give me a diagnosis and he couldnt completely cure … Continue reading walk

book in the park

seems like such a spiritual move and somewhat euphoric sitting in the freezing cold capturing your mind inside a book birds drifting in and out the sky birds sliding on the pond it must be really special to have that special bond with reading and being inside a book in the park.

My love for you

My love for you It grows Like a sprout Then in the sun It reaches out It grows Tall A great big stalk Then in the sun A flower head will form My love Is huge It’s tall A giant sunflower For all to see My love For you From me.


Trigger words Only you would know You use against me Heartless blow ... Constrict my movements But no one will know Because we are in a pandemic Just so you know. Domestic abuse The hidden killer News papers lie Make life a thriller. Headlights bright Stage lights clear Maybe the government Will drive the fear … Continue reading Crumble


What’s a matter baby I know you loved learning about the war Now our love a battlefield Filled with spite and hate Amour Now this is the place That we have become You at one side Whilst I run From the bullets you fire From the bombs that rain down Are you feeling satisfied I … Continue reading War


You got your mates to bully me All over the internet Troll me and abuse me With words Everywhere Everything questioning my stability Because I tried to get a message to you I was really struggling I didn’t know what else to do And you got your mates to bully me My god that was … Continue reading Mates.


A simple Solution Would be A hug I need And Want Your affection And Love But Instead You batter me blind with your silence In my ears rings a bell until I am blinded I’m terribly sorry To have been in your way All I Need Really Is a hug.


my worth to you is nothing i am worthless in your eyes my heart a fool it should never have flickered pushed off a high storey building my feelings plummet to the rocky ground is that what you want for me ? there’s enough misery around i wanted to write about how song birds made … Continue reading nothing