Do you really think That we can part Go separate ways And live apart Because I have tried And I have fought I have met many men And left them distraught Because they are not the ones on my mind You are.

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I enjoyed the thought many a time, I must accept our separate lives, In sadness there is blessing, and I am sure I will find the meaning to everything, in due time. I must carry on live as a mother, and you must carry on living as you will. though it is sad, that I … Continue reading the thought #poetry #writing #imwriting #Writer #amwriting #saddness #grief #goodbye

A dream

I dreamt of you, I fell asleep staring into the clouds above the boulevard I watched them until they drifted away and revealed the stars I listened to the crickets and the mice scurry I smelt the ash from the BBQ further down the street I smiled when the work men finally put down their … Continue reading A dream


He wants that type of love Where when you wake up Your always on their mind He wants that true connection where if there is something off or wrong The other person can telepathically tell That sort of realtionship Where if your in hell then they’re in hell as well. He wants that type of … Continue reading HE WANTS

Romance is dead. 3/08/21 #poetry #author #published #Hull #writing #writer #subscribe

I wanted to shock him with an intense high voltage Via the phone screen, Make him see the reality of the loss of him and I, Shock him till his heart burst into fiery flames a fierce pain so forceful and frightening, I wanted to explode the phone and let it go drowning to the … Continue reading Romance is dead. 3/08/21 #poetry #author #published #Hull #writing #writer #subscribe


He complains But he never says That me and him could be arranged And I’m concerned Because everyone around me Is newly wed Or having babies And I know I don’t need a man to make me whole But I want to combine both our souls Because 2 is always better than 1 When the … Continue reading Why

Doctors #3

I just sat Crying And crying Waiting And waiting Being pulled in For yet another pregnancy complaint The baby isn’t moving again His heart beat Monitored Repeatedly But then sent home and forgotten about for another few weeks Then back again sobbing and crying.

Doctors #2

I sat for 30 minutes once Waiting In an overcrowded Doctors surgery With KC FM on the radio Playing over used songs Looping With the same adverts After 5 minutes each time New car, check a, quit smoking, then another song, Holiday away, Botox surgery, cornflakes,then another song, Car screeches, get your claim, offers … Continue reading Doctors #2


Raindrops are wonderful. Rain D R O P S Like tears D R O P S Splash splish splosh They rattle across my sunken in eyes Disguised by the heart ache inside my life Rain D R O P S Oh Rain.


Popcorn and fizzy drink kisses Pinball and bowling bowl ally’s Soft talk And much as you can handle This is what it is Popcorn and smiling and laughing Sweet stalls and markets with lights in Small talk that’s all that is happening This is all that is happening It’s fun to be included in It’s … Continue reading Popcorn

Have it all #poetry #poem #amwriting

You can have it all I am done After all this effort You have won This is it And I am done.