she screamed at me in Wilko I thought there was a fire I thought I was in trouble or maybe someone was stealing something - she screamed at me and shouted at first all I heard was muffled words I was shocked at first - she said GET BEHIND THAT LINE NOW! I wasn't even … Continue reading Point

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I dont see Covid in your music videos or your adverts telling me to get pissed and Covid doesn't seem to apply to Dominic Cummings what is becoming of this? I dont see Boris lining up outside kwicksave and I bet he wouldn't be worrying about every little thing in his day I had a … Continue reading Covid

My mate

My mate says I really need to stop meeting weirdos off the internet I don’t mean to I just seem to Find people Who have issues. I’m a single mum of 3 It’s impossible To find a date or meet In this online pandemic society She says I need a sign on my door Saying … Continue reading My mate

If you ever wanted to know what I think, really… #poem #poetry #writing #writer #Hull #poet #author #publishing

If you really wanted to know what I think Then here it is This is it. I think that the sky still folds to the beat of your soul I think that you should make me another tea Because the last went cold... I think You should move on from this let the past be … Continue reading If you ever wanted to know what I think, really… #poem #poetry #writing #writer #Hull #poet #author #publishing

to my ladies #poem #writing #writer #write #Hull #Yorkshire #author #femaleartist

to my ladies. they may tell you that women have more rights they may say that women have more choice that they are heard more please dont hate me or be disappointed when I tell you that this is not the case, my ladies, my girls, my beautiful babies, it is your voice to keep … Continue reading to my ladies #poem #writing #writer #write #Hull #Yorkshire #author #femaleartist


Will it always be dark my dear? Will I always be inside this dark dark hole you’ve buried me in? I felt your kisses on my neck That sent flutters to my head You seemed thin like a scarecrow I didn’t want to brake your bones Your precious heart made of glass feathers and stones … Continue reading Dark

In April We watched the buds form On the blossom tree In May We watched the blossom Fall off the blossom tree. In June we laughed along the North Sea Little things they stitched us closer Then your heart shrank out of nowhere And if by chance I could have had some more time I’d … Continue reading

Kids do my head in #lockdown #parenting #covid19 #mumlife #poem #poetry #writing #writer #poet

Kids do my head in They trash the house with their underpants They shit and piss in their underpants They drag crayons across the magnolia walls They smack cupboard doors open at 6am looking for wotsits They’re doing my head in They’re loud, rude, burp fart in your face, They disrespect my oven cooked meals … Continue reading Kids do my head in #lockdown #parenting #covid19 #mumlife #poem #poetry #writing #writer #poet


Now that I’m free will god start forgiving me Will the lord lay down the path Will he let me go at last Now that I’m close Will god make me ghost Will the lord let me be Will the lord see faith in me Now I’m almost free.


Here Comes the rain Lay here with me You are brave Here comes the rain Pour out your soul You are brave Here comes the rain The pouring rain The falling rain Here comes the rain Come lay Come lay


If I never tell you Maybe that’ll save us both Some time I’ll turn you anti-clockwise Blow your bristle seeds away Dancing care free , pain free Off into a sunset I’ll shake the stem and start again. If I never tell you Maybe I will save us all The time Blow your gentle particles … Continue reading Dandelion


Before I even step on the stage Or open my mouth Or look at you You’ve judged me In the mini seconds of my opening my mouth Saying one word Explaining my name You’ve probably caught on I have particular social skills Or no social skills at all You probably didn’t even hear me When … Continue reading judge


My eyes. Drag, forced to the pillow like a magnetic force Head, heavy like a lump of concrete It’s not the sleep deprivation talking Or the excessive amounts of caffeine My body is inside a dream and I feel tranquillised and the thought of leaving Exhausted at the thought of remaining I’m in an unsteady … Continue reading Shattered