A lot

It’s not that I don’t want to experience a life with you It’s just a lot of sh I’ve been through And I figured you have too. But it’s too early to remember Scars kill, I know, I know, It’s going to hurt, And be ugly If you’ve seen the things that I have seen. … Continue reading A lot


& so your cold long arms wrap around my shattered body once more, your fairytale kisses sweep me off these miserable streets. For I have missed your voice, and presence immensely. Gifted heart of gold, woolly warmth, hold me tight so, I sleep comfortably. Then once I am sleeping join me. Please just hold me … Continue reading Heavens


When you left So carelessly You came into my life You brought me life Then left me with the thoughts and fear of death Deliberately reminding me That you may go first For it be me standing by your hearse But you forget I have control over my life Could change the outcome for you … Continue reading Death


I cannot contemplate The significant suffering That brought you here I cannot comprehend How dare I try to compare For pebbles I hand to you You let them fall between your fingers For flowers I hand to you You let them wilt into your body heat For paper with letters I bring You peel them … Continue reading Cannot

With your words

You grabbed my skull Pushed into my eye sockets Told me Not to write them things How dare I write them things How dare I write them things How dare I Then exhausting your last breathe as my soul escaped my limbless body, You sat and read them things.


They slowly drop all around Colours all surround Like walking inside a melted canvas An artists dream of blended colours Whizzing whirling as they fall softly like freshly pressed snowflakes Snowflakes have not arrived yet but the leaves give me this insight That it’s not long now. Pretty shapes different shapes Edges sharp And some … Continue reading Leaves


It’s not that I thought he was the one I knew he was the one But I knew also that no matter what I couldn’t provide I couldn’t give I couldn’t ensure that things would always move smoothly And he wasn’t ready to wait.


We should have spokeBecause now I can’t let goAnd you refuse to talkMaybe I don’t need to knowWe should have spokeI know you want to let goNow all I do is writeI didn’t really want others to know.

I still got you tingling and bubbling about in my blood.