The greedy landlord

More, more, more,

Said the pocket of the man, who’s pocket could pick a car, a house, a mansion house,

Two mansion homes.

4 cars.

More, more, more,

Begged the pit of the pocket of the man,

Who never had loose change,

Never felt a coin,

But a note,

A 50 pound note,


More, more, more,

Cried the bottom of the pit of the pocket of the suit of the man,

Now he had so many cars he lost count,

He had a wife,

But she was never about,

Probably exploiting him,

But he didn’t really care.


More, ,more, more,

Please asked the small enveloped shaped pocket,

On the prick that didn’t give a shit about the people at the bottom of the tree,

If they didn’t earn enough he didn’t think that they seemed fit,

But one day,

The pit of the pocket will fade away,

And to a surprise,

It may produce a hole,

Bigger than his entire worth,

Bigger and bigger it will become,

The fibers of the threads will become,


And the money he once had will become none,

The cars the fancy houses,

All he will have left is the body he once gave breath,

And the fancy trousers.

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