School Bus

I don’t know much about it

I never really got the bus to school

But I got the bus to my friends

A couple of times

I hated standing in the line

I was bullied lots and pushed behind

But I would still try and smile

My inner child was strong

Then when I managed to get up on to the bus

I remember smelling this horrendous musk

Teenage body spray ‘impulsive’

Impulsive I was

Hormones high and adolescent

P.E bags and a sweaty scent

No rules no teachers

After school

So pupils acted like stupid fools

No I really didn’t like the bus

We all know the quiet ones sit at the front

The bullies on the top deck at the back

Booming music out of their Sony Ericsson’s

As soon as the engine kicked in

That’s when you knew you was in for a ride

Not the good type

Felt like the shell of the bus was holding on to the wheels by its fingernails

I’m so glad I don’t have to go on the school bus to my friends anymore

But now that I’m older

And I see school buses pass

How I long to be younger

Perhaps I could put up with the little things better

Now I’m aware

Grown into my fur

It would be nice to visit that friend again

Be young again

Go back one day.

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