I hate everything you say…

I hate that everything you say,

is so perfect to me,

and when I fall like a child,

you pick me up off my feet.


I hate that you say ‘things’ would of been so sweet,

Like all chances have blown and we’ve met a defeat.


I hate that you wipe my tears,

kiss my head like your loyal,

Spoil me rotten,

all my fears if not lost,

they’re forgotten.


I hate that the words for once actually hurt me to say,

that I have not had a feeling,

like this,

for so long,

this way.


I just want to say it,

but then all the meanings and feelings,

might get all tangled up,                                        go missing along the way.


I have much to lose,

at such a high cost.


Your more than a friend,

than a lover,

than a partner,

your my living breathing air,

when you leave it brings me trauma.


I hate that everything you say,

never stays in the moment,

it follows me home,

and in my head it brings me torment.


I hate that your smell is like heaven,

and I just want to leave,

everything that I see is too good to believe.



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