Then there was you.

Its been a few gloomy Sundays,

Mondays not fun days,

A few hash tags to an old friend,

An unsend,

and an unfriend,

Couple of unknown message requests,

Some poking weirdo Facebook pests,

Fridays are the grocery days,

Few strange men staring quite obviously at my chest,

Whilst I push the pram to the child department,

They look at the cheese isle,

I just nod my head and smile,

Saturdays a rude smart arse behind the desk,

I just do what I do best,

Tidy up the weekdays mess,

Pray that next wont be a test,

The hairball stuck in my lungs breaks free,

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, bakery,









I cant decide which way to go,

An icey wave covers me like snow,


A text comes through.


Then there was you.



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