So many asked me

how I coped over the years

some say it as a joke ‘how do you cope?’

a rhetorical question ‘I don’t know how you cope?’

some ask it as if they’ve know me for ages ‘how are you coping?’

some say it as if it was them going through it ‘I wouldn’t cope if I was you!’

some act as if they’ve been through it ‘I wouldn’t put up with it’

others don’t bother to ask

and then the rest when you try to tell them they don’t care


I haven’t ever got on with the word cope

and if it was a person I would meet it in a taxi pick it up go to a pub get it drunk and try my best to ‘accidently leave it behind’  in a crowd of dancing virgins in a nightclub I’ve never been in before.



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