A Passionate Kiss

Fireworks going off inside our mouths,

Candy-floss flavoured tongues,

And merry go round eyes,

An experience you don’t ever forget,

The tense feelings in your head,

A kiss that could lead you to bed,

And if it was a scent,

It would smell like sweet oranges, sun cream, Paco Rabanne and melted chocolate on Easter,

If it was an event it would be the giddiness of a child’s excitement on Christmas Day,

The pounding of hearts is so powerful it moves you in closer to them,

Beat by beat by beat,

The sensations of soft sand slipping between each toe,

And fresh cut dewed grass where a small baby lamb makes the most pleasing bleat,

A passionate kiss,

Is more than just a peck,

And if anyone asked my what I imagined it to be,

I this would be my answer.

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