Green flashing light

(Someone who obsessives over messages and emails and has the little light on their phone settings to alert them, just for fun, creative writing)


Green flashing light,

You are driving me to the brink of insanity,


Green flashing light so tiny but so powerful,

I hate you,

Just hurry up and flash so I have a reply back,

Green flashing light,

You may hold the answer ,

To an email, a text, an answer phone call,

Green flashing light you annoy me so bad,

I think I might,

Have to turn your light off,

In the settings of my phone,

That seems to be the easiest solution,

Because sometimes when you flash it brings me confusion,

An update!?


Green flashing light, I appreciate all the messages you have warned me about,

The ones I couldn’t read out loud,

And the ones I couldn’t delete, iCloud.

But when you turn to red,

What does that mean?

A message unsent?

I can’t allow you,

To change colours on me like this.


Green tiny teeny light,

In the right hand corner of my phone,

So insignificant,

Yet can make me feel so alone.

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