You think It’s bad timing

I think it’s just right

I can’t promise a solution

I just can’t do that tonight

And I’m sorry my confusion

Spills out into my life

But I promise I will be better

Please let me put this right

No I don’t mean to come across as obsessive

It’s just I’ve had a lot of time

I’ve spent so many summers

Dreaming to be by your side

I hate I feel I’m rushing

Diving in without a clue

But I can’t help it

The feelings I feel for you

I’ve had so many chances

I’ve blown them

I’m sorry

I just keep thinking

That one day

We’ll grow closer

It’s not the drinking talking

It’s not the medication

And I’m not being crazy

This is not desperation

And in the end if you can’t forgive me

I forgive that you can’t let me in

But I promise you this

I won’t hurt you


Image by Jessica Rae 2012

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