YoU wanted me… part 2 from I wanted you

You wanted me

So bad it hurt

Not just physically


You wanted me so bad you kept me a secret for so long

Let it go

You wanted me that it is easier for you to ignore me

Treat me as I’ve vanished, but there is as a trail of bread

You laid for me

to peck

You wanted me that your daily motions consumed you up and spat you out into the road

Where you would moan and groan

Help, you would say ‘help’

I ran

Because I wanted you

You wanted me for other reasons than I wanted you

And that hurt me so bad

Dignity, I won’t get back

Just admit it

Admit that you want me

Admit that you need me

Admit that everyday you think about me

You dream of me in your bed

Not her

You dream of feeling my hair

Not hers

You dream of all the endless possibilities

Endless scenarios in your head


Softly dancing like a ballerina round and round.

Image by Alyssa Zuercher


You should have a link to part one! ❤


good work! great piece!


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