being mum

I wake up

the mornings are early

they suck

I never get chance to brush my teeth

or eat

I’ve been meaning to wash my hair since the day before yesterdays tea


I’m a mess

I still have maternity clothes

and I’m not planning on being pregnant again

I’m still not used to ironing

daily chores fall behind

putting rubbish in recycling bin seems to be a crime

I frequently have little ‘me’ time

….and when I finally sit down to watch TV at an advert I cry!

slave in the kitchen from 9 till 9

most the time I’m feeling fine

‘Being mum’

I wouldn’t change it because my children create it

and I’ve been warned of how time fly’s

so just to re rewind

I love them so

I have so many memories I wont let go

even if sometimes my days covered in snow

being mum is worth it you know…



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