I suffered with gallbladder illness for 5 years – emergency surgery 4th July 2018

I told my pa 

My belly aches I feel so sad my body shakes ‘Go to bed and have some rest, when you wake up you’ll feel your best’ 

Even as I was getting older 

All I needed was a shoulder 

I told my mum I felt so sick 

My stomach is weak from feeling worried

she said

‘Get some water my dear daughter you’ll feel better in the morning’ 

Then it came to a day 

I told my man as he held my hand

I feel so weak I cannot stand 

I feel so anxious it aches so bad

Like the worst gut feelings I’ve ever had 

My tummy hurts like I’m hung over 

But I’m not I’m fucking sober 

I just wanted him to reach to me 

But he turned away like he was too blind to see

And it wasn’t until now 

Now it’s almost all over 

That I realised 

From his cold shoulder 

That the mental impact from my sadness 

Was making me feel all this pain 

everyone used to say anxiety was to blame?

But it was

my gallbladder that was taken away.


Out of a family of 6, 4 have now got no gaul bladder! will I be next?? I’m told its very painful 😮

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    Apparently people can live with it for decades and not realise they have a problem more common in women who have had multiple pregnancy’s. It’s painful and the recovery can be hard but once it’s gone feel better than ever. It was getting bad to a point I couldn’t walk anywhere or clean around the house. You’d know about it if your in chronic pain after every thing you eat xx

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