Selfish yellow

I know that my body can’t take much more heart ache,

But there’s something in my head that keeps telling me it’s my fate,

And know I shouldn’t feel like I do and it’s damaging too,

But noone is stopping you,

The nail varnish is split and coming off…

My hair I got cut and now I feel lost …

A person is a a person is a person to you …

I have run out of options and good ideas to do…

If only I knew love was all these emotions …

I thought it was just one plain simple straight forward potion …

Tell me what the fuck do I do? what the fuck do I do?

Please tell me that you feel this too?

Or just let me, let me go

From your selfish yellow

I can’t deal with the brightness …

It’s blinding me ,

And when you take your selfish yellow from me,

I wilt away in the breeze…

My shoes cant take no




The holes have started to form from rocks from the ground,

And I try to tell you but you don’t hear my sound,

I try to talk and you don’t want to know.

Can you turn away and move your selfish yellow?

So I can turn another direction to someone’s else’s colours,

Your yellow makes me feel so content,

But your selfish attitude drowns me over and over again.

Please my sweet boy my dream my dearest love,

Stop drowning me in your colour and  pulling me out.


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