These days

Walking down that Humber street

Like my stage was the path infront of me

Yet the performance was about to cast over me

When I set foot in the…

Living space of you.

Walking down that Humber street

Cobles pop up

Bottle caps kick past

Pouring,  the rain on my back

Did you care in fact?

Cold and blown by winds, I made effort,

Kept my face intact

Make up

Hair styled

Wild child

Walking down that Humber street at first made me happy

But now I dread to think of walking down that street ever again

Tumbling, stomach, churning memories,

Eyes shredding what I thought was once Infront of me

a romantic scene of bars and restaurants, haunting clinks of cocktail cups as I walk on foot,

to your door

at the end of the street on Humber street.

Walking down that Humber street

on cobbled paths

spitting waves

street lamps cast onto the setting

But now your forgetting

That I travelled through dark city streets



For the sake of comfort


I left with you

Broken pieces of my heart

In melted Yankee candles.

Leaving the thought of late night dinners for one

Now I see

Walking down that street

Was not for me

If only I could rewind

The yearning run and jump into your arms

The kissing underneath the stars

The cocktail emotion

If I could erase the devotion

I had

Then maybe

Just maybe

I wouldn’t have walked down that Humber street.






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