My journey on universal credit whilst on a gap year at uni 3 children and new home !


So, I have been sat on the ups and downs of a rollercoaster for the last few years.  I’m pretty happy and flexible with what I write and I’m happy to share with people my life, in hope it would help or support someone else through bad times and challenging times.

I’ll start with yesterday , so I am moving and I have my own home for me and my children, starting a fresh in hope I can finally complete my degree I started in 2016.

For over the past year I haven’t been studying I had to sadly stop studies but I hope I can return in the future.

It’s a big year and I have 3 young children, a family, a life as well as my own desires and hopes for myself and for them. So it’s a great deal of pressure.

I want a career and I want to provide for them. Right now something I just can’t go and just do with a 9 month old baby and no help for constant childcare. And my health been rocky to ok to being a little unsteady. Great news though! I am 8 months post gallbladder surgery! And of course labour and delivery!  Perhaps stories I can share with you one day .

So yesterday I had to make a universal credit claim (for the time being) I can’t work right now.  I don’t get anything for being off university there’s no maternity or anything like that. And it’s really really hard….

Making the claim itself was easy to be honest but I now have a 50 minute appointment which will he interesting taking a 3 year old and a screaming baby too…. But I appreciate there is help out there for situations like myself.

Maybe a 5 week wait also before I have anything …. Which is really shit. But I have heard you can apply for an advance. Of course I will let you know.

So so far not so bad!

Stressful but not too bad.




Hello! and thank you for coming to my blog page feel free to comment and message I’m happy to reply and answer anything or even if you want me to write something or look something up it’s something I totally love doing and like to do. So ….yeah …. Thanks for your time.

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