bottle by the bedside (freestyle)

IMG_20190330_163124_601.jpgI just wrote this based on a picture I took this afternoon.

Bottle on the floor Pearson Park Hull:
I took the bottle from the bedside,
mum said it’s time to rise and shine,
laying upright looking at the sky,
she said spring is about to arrive,
I put my love in tescos bags,
stash it, leave it, leaking in the bushes,
daffodils, daffodils,
laughing at the faces passing by,
some friendly handshakes, some desprate hushing,
I grabbed the bottle by the bedside,
laid in the sheets of green,
left my sorrow in the overgrown grass,
the council said its time to wake up,
school kids shout; rise and shine,
leave my love in Aldi trolleys,
sit up, repeat, this is my life.
Grabbing bottles by the bedside.

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