In as Deep

IMG_20190330_111607.pngI just wanted you to be in as deep,

as deep as I have been,

In love,

I just wanted you to feel what I do,




don’t think that will ever happen,

I have to face I’m not enough,

and its tough,

it’s killing me.


I take a few large breaths a day,

In hope that the feeling will go away,

I cut back the smoking and the alcohol,

but there’s still something I’m doing wrong,

I like to think you let me go because you loved me,

But I think that’s odd,

and disturbs me slightly,

I try to make the situation seem innocent,

but I know this is what you wanted in your ignorance,

In law they say its not a fair trial without both sides,

I tried to hear yours,

but somewhere you hide.


I cried,

On the Wednesday in grocery shop,

The orange reminded me of that sweet moment,

Where you offered me a slice or two,

I accepted.

Then we kissed for ages.

Unless I must of dreamt it.


I didn’t think it was this compilated,

I was never in as deep to start with,

I could have easily back then heard your voice,

then forget it,

and now I’m in this spinning circle where I regret it.

I’m in so deep it cuts me hard,

Deleted the messages, the images,

I tried.

Just tell me would this feeling be worth to keep?

thinking will you ever be in as deep?



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