there is nothing more disappointing then no rainbow after a storm cloud,

nothing worse than a dramatic situation unfolding and no one to call,

nothing worse than feeling so entirely alone,

bitter, non optimistic, frozen lips in the morning from the wind,



nothing worse then being prompt to ring

but then you don’t even answer the phone.

then I am


around the


room ,

leaving a voicemail

a voicemail you wont even bother to listen to.

the last time I left a voicemail

must of been when people where obsessed with the power to text

voicemail wasn’t popular

I liked the function of being able to repeat my own voice over again

delete and correct it

although I hate the sound of my own


now if I left you a voicemail

I would want to tell you all the secrets that I cant tell anyone

even my mum

tell you how important you are to me

then realise how damn romantic that would be

but how nerdy and stupid you would think it was

if only I could just call you

without getting a voicemail.



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