The lucky one

Never doubt yourself it probably wasn’t even you, you deserve better and your the lucky one. To all the ones who’ve felt rejected!



You think your


You think that you are beautiful,

Unmissable, unforgettable,

You know your something incredible,

Look impeccable,

your flexible,

most of all you think that your the one.

the one that got away.



think that your the first,

so easy for you to walk away,

you sway your stuff as if to say,

this is what I have to offer… but take it back when they come closer.

you think that your the best,

crimson chest,

sip the bottle neck…

like it’s your party,

never put your heart in, you know you are the one,

the one that got away,


you think that your incredible,

The perfect man,

with your standing stand,

your awesome sound,

does it even matter,

your smit, you smoother,

don’t you have an older brother?

wish I didn’t even bother,

you think you are and hope your are,

the one that got away…


one day you’ll see,


I turned my back,

I turned my face,

I don’t look into to your surrounding space,

and in fact I hope you’ll see,

that it is not you,

it is me,

and im the one,

the actual one,

the lucky one,

who got away. 😊 ❀️

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