I hope you read this

you said im an insult to injury:

I know, it shouldn’t have happend,
and I wish it would have been differnt,
time moves forward and things change,
I had a baby,
you moved out,
you got a key,
found a job,
I didnt even think, I’d hear you calling,
I woke up.
I woke up.
I didn’t know you was hurting so badly,
life happends and life happend to me,
it doesn’t mean, I added insult to injury!
you was so far away when I told you,
and I was caught up in my own affairs,
noone gave a fuck or heard me,
you wasn’t even there, or even cared,
and now I can’t get a message to you,
nothing seems to make it fair,
and im sorry that it’s broken,
but if you loved me it wouldn’t matter,
I shouldn’t have to ask for forgiveness,
I couldn’t read your mind, know what you was thinking,
but if you was standing right infront of me,
all the letters, words you’ve said to me,
I think, I’m sure that would have been,
the insult to the injury,
dont blame me for things I can’t control,
make me feel like im really small,
I tried my best whilst you did nothing at all,
sorry won’t make it right, I think your right,
but when we laid under that tree,
the sky’s collided infront of me,
a million days zoomed by you didnt see,
and you set fire to our history,
I think im sure that would have been,
the insult to the injury.
all the beautiful things they become mist,
birds that fly around, clouds gather behind sunny April showers,
flowers rapidly opening,
laughs echoing,
for you to throw away our happiness,
at last I think I might have guessed,
you gave up on all that could of been,
and that,
an insult to both our injuries.

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