Universal what?

Ok so this week has been very testing.

I made a claim almost 2 weeks ago and I have been informed I will not receive a payment until the 12th of April.

When asked at my appointment what will I live off for another month I replied with “well I don’t know?”

Then I was told I have a choice.

They said I could take out a loan, 0 interest (oh that’s ok) but 100 a month to pay back! So I started off my claim in debt.

But the terrible thing is I don’t really have a choice do I? What am I supposed to do? Rely on food banks for 4 weeks ? Not pay my rent on time and get in debt with the bills?

What is wrong with the system?

I don’t want to go on and on and on , I am happy after being so unwell that there is a system there to help. But at the same time I am being made to feel like a criminal, like a waster. I am being forced into debt . So many unethical points on this, I have not choice. And futhermore what about people who have no mental capacity to make sure a decision even though it really isn’t one. Do people just wait a month don’t eat stay at home I’m fear.

It does not surprise me that as a country we are facing the highest levels of anxiety and mental illness.

And fellow journalists I ask you this investigate the rippling effect this is going to have on people in domestic abusive situations. A daunting 5 week wait for a claim in a council hostel or BnB is going to comprise so many peoples plans to escape or get help. Fear about money and survival .



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