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Letters You’ll Never See

5pm has gone,

now your a 5am carry on, 

you won’t stop calling, up his phone,

you realise he’s not alone?

what’s wrong?


Lydia, for months I couldn’t get rid of yeh!

You sat on grass verges begging for love

passing out on paracetamol

dreaming, wondering, where all the love has gone..


it’s summer,

your taking over,

like ivy to a neighbours fence.

holding on,

you said you needed closure,

so I told him to go over,

your flesh is on exposure,

oh Lydia,

what’s wrong now?


I can tell as a witness,

men objectify you,

you didn’t




sticking on.

you were already beautiful.


….every Propaganda Wednesday night

you stumbled.

you know my relationship was about to fall apart.


smoking dirty splifs in Person Park



I just wanted to

be apart

hows that




You invited yourself…

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