speak –

feeling alone, sad and strange,
feeling empty, lonely, deranged,
they said if they could blow some magic pixi dust
or shake a magic stick,
they could attempt to make it better,
but I feel like I would rather,
not feel this way to start with,
no attempt to feel how I do,
no sympathy.
feeling alone,
quiet and weak,
feeling afraid, nauseated, faint,
they say if I tried to stop,
tried to not feel this way,
I’d be ok,
they say wake up for another day…
things might not be the same,
maybe my perspective will change.

in the night by the lights,
in the night by a bug,
in the night by a drug.
shallow and no empathy,
forgotten likeabilty,
guilty but not absolute, … makes it so hard to speak the truth.

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