numb here

you said you left her because she was a crazy bitch.
but I don’t think she was.
I don’t think you was invested,
and you said you treat her the same as this,
but I think that’s because your scared,
of feeling deep. .
I think you erased,
your Facebook and twitter page,
Instagram and snapchat too,
to escape feelings that you consume,
you can treat me like im a fool,
but I know within you want it to be,
but time is going and its now seems to me,
it will probably never be,
now all I see is a broken screen,
no messenger or profile picture,
I can’t even catch a glips of,
what you feeling, doing, being,
it’s hard for me to move on like this,
but I guess it is what it is,
It would be nice if I crossed your mind,
set foot in your path,
but we died and lived inside the past,
as if we passed

it’s so numb here.

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