1st of June Admin Fees will be Banned 2019

Hello everyone thankyou so much for your on going support on my poetry page, as I’ve had some other things to write about unrelated to creative and poetry I decided to set up this alternative blog space just for reports and people’s stories, things happening, I want it to be people focused so always happy to listen to people’s views, opinions, ideas and stories. Thankyou again for all your time x

Lilyth Reports

1st of June this year all letting agency’s will be unable to charge admin fees on rented properties, by law.

This is a very positive move, but I’m cautious about this movement we will only know if it works after agency adopt new attitudes to letting.

I think letting agency’s will end up charging more on top of deposits or landlords will raise rental amounts. Something or someone will do something else to get extra money ! (In my opinion)

* However…. a few agency’s have started to look at an alternative way for tenants to pay deposits also. Because deposits can end up being extremely expensive on top of first months rent and many can not afford to pay both or struggle to pay both. Therefore some deposits are being replaced with ‘Reposit’, this is where a tenant is asked to pay a weeks rent.


Reposit offers tenants…

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