Silly Billy

I cant hide it anymore,

waiting for the doors to fly off the hinges with happiness,

wallpaper rip off the walls,

we’re moving in!


dreaming in a dream world,

carrot cakes and chocolate swirls,

I could look at all the pretty girls,

or be patient and wait for your
catterpiller skin to fall away, that is what you say,

But I will always be looking at you,

He said,

look at all the world,

or stay locked up inside this cage,

smile on your face,

the word ‘love’ feels real off paper

don’t let the past keep you,

you know we don’t have to imagine it anymore,

you know my home is always waiting,

cosey feet up, against the lcd screen fire,

summer days spent miles away,

the colour in our lives would never fade,

wake up and come with me,

stop being such a Silly Billy!

don’t tell me your feeling down,

it’s all about to come around,

pick up your chin,

and I’ll nudge your shoulder,

pull the stranded hair out off your mouth,

and kiss your cheeks,

they won’t see it coming,

for so long we’ve been running,

come on Silly Billy,

May is here.

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