in between

I am not your gap,
or you woman in between,
we aren’t too young,
to both know what that means.
I am not your option,
to pick up as you please,
I am a person,
and a person with feelings.
I am not your faults,
not your blames,
not your fustration,
that drives you out into the rain.
I am worthy of a full reaction,
not a diversion, or distraction,
and my love will overflow,
into another’s open home,
I will find happiness after your departure,
I will not allow you to make things harder,
and if it is regret you feel,
then you need to learn to deal,
and I cant be the one to mend it,
its your mess and you’ve created this,
I will be sailing away into the seas,
and seeing what the world has for me.

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