letters you’ll never see

my stats where doing so well back then
you brought me high right off the edge
and its ok if I lose my followers
my commenters
I just wanted to see you within the flow
I want to know, that you know, you know?
I feel comfort thinking
if you are laid there alone and drinking
that in return your thinking of me
how damn gorgeous that would be
I imagine your hand just down slow surrending,
whatever it is you’ve had against me,
something clicked maybe you’ll begin to chase me,
you realise we could have been,
now that would be a happy memory,
but I don’t think I will feel that,
I just hope,
whatever it is you are doing,
that is more important that perusing me,
is good enough,
I hope the nights don’t drag like they used to,
and i hope that your with company,
even tho its killing me,
I guess that’s why I write letters you’ll never see.

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