spread the curtains
see the sun
another day has now begun

blessed with pleasant memories,

try and take each day with some ease.

Wake up the sun is up
have a coffee or a cup of tea
10 to 20 mg
pop it out the pack.
mixed views, mixed reviews
the doctors commonly prescribe
but why does it feel like I’ve lost the person inside?
it takes a month before it works
I already thought I was at my worst
feed the baby
push the pram
pop it out the pack

my mouth feels dry

my eyes are heavy

they make me want to go to bed already

I still don’t have a stable head

my heart beat it seems to be unsteady

I hope I’m ready

the doctor said it would be a remedy

Im trying as best as I can

goodbye bad feelings



to friends who have had to take antidepressants. your not alone.

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