deep sweets

deep sweets

in deep dreams…
lands of unknown,
friends from unfamiliar places,
faces hidden,
sidewalks frosting over,
I remember walking down it,
the path it became, slimmer and slimmer,
in deep sweet dreams…
mum used to say
sweet dreams
but the dreams all blend,
faze into the days, dramatic, hectic,
mangled mess,
shouting and arguments,
worries I can’t control,
and I sweat and toss and turn and cant seem to have a long peaceful sleep anymore,
in deep sweets,
I try to picture my mum reading a story to me,
or soothe with music,
but it doesn’t seem to drown out
the loud days,
and the anxious feelings,
and hearing the whisper,
before it slowly drifted away along with her,
sweet dreams sweet,
and im frozen,
looking at the ceiling,
there’s nothing sweet about my dreams I’m dreaming.

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