not my place

it’s not my place.
I’m not very good at reassurance,
I can’t give you too much honesty,
Ive spend most times lost in me,
I’m ghosting myself, lately,
and im choosing other people’s health, over my own,
like the counsellor said
in the most polite way,
‘its not your place’,
I don’t mean to busy body,
or get over involved in personal politics,
and I like to feel I’m in some kind of place, noone likes to feel useless,
don’t want to feel replaced,
I don’t know the signs sometimes,
my social anxiety can sometimes lie,
but maybe when there’s not much I can say,
recognising the signs to back away,
try and let people find a chance,
to make it back. Without too much hand, I thinks ok, sometimes it’s just not always my place, no matter how hard I want to help.

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