Preston Road Abandoned estate in Hull

Ok , so this is going to be a tough post. I went down to see #prestonroad and it’s been a place I have been going over the last 3 years before the graffiti and before the demolition. I was on the verge of a very good local documentary but my source that was supporting me deleted and lost all of my footage. Which has been devastating.

As it could have been beneficial to the people in the area and a good piece to reflect back on what’s been going on.

Last month I walked around the deserted houses and was taking pictures like many of us have.

So was then stopped by a couple who was seemingly in distress they came out and spoke to me said that since the graffiti they have been subject to abuse things thrown at the house car almost damaged and now in storage they was already living in the middle of a ghost estate and although many of us have enjoyed the graffiti this has had massive negative impact on the people left behind and stuck in legal battle with the council which seemingly not taking care of the residents. …of course there is a duty of care. But on that day I heard and saw non of it , children as young as 10 climbing on to the roofs via scaffolding and 10 more additional arsons this year alone.

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