midnight running

it feels like I waited forever for you to find me,
that you did.
100 nights of thoughts wondering
at last.
another letter haunting me from the past
why did you go? where are you now? what went wrong?
It’s seems 100 nights laid wondering
seemed easier,
now that I know the truth and I have discovered the ending.
I now miss the magical mist forming around me as I sleep and in my dreams,
least in my dreams you was much more loving and my subconscious mind doted on the nice pleasant memories,
I’ve started to get bad dreams,
because my reality has opened up the truth,
I wish I could pull back the boy from 2013,
save the man he is today,
I wish I could show him the letters,
drown him in the letters,
the endless midnight thoughts,
perhaps then I could have saved him from myself,
but who am I to save?
now it feels like forever, for real, this time, before I meet them again.

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