Letter 5 ‘ice cream with grandad’

5th of August 2008

Grandad picked me and my brothers up to go to Hornsea today. It’s been the hottest week in summer for years. He picked us up about half past 10 in the morning as we didn’t want to set off much later with risk of it being even warmer travelling.

We climbed in put our seatbelts on that was the most important part Grandad was adamant we all had our seatbelts on and we was in safe. Younger brother in his car seat eldest on the booster seat and me squished in the middle with my Sony Ericsson listening to annoying mobile tunes or playing snake.

It was really warm and our bodies would stick to the leather seats of the car , Grandad is proud of his car even though it smells like a horses foot. But we couldn’t and wouldn’t say that because he would be very defensive ! And would be classed as being rude. But it still smelt like a horses foot and I always saw the humour in that.

Mum was sat in the front with the window half way down and l Grandad had his thick leather jacket on and cap which was new because he normally always had his winter hat on even thought its summer. He also had his big round glasses that he’d been wearing since 1995.

My brothers wouldn’t stop arguing to he turned up the jazz music he had recorded on cassette really loud until my youngest brother eventually fell asleep.


Well this is our summer holiday, break away a couple of hours, by the seaside and maybe a chance of an ice cream depending how much change mum had on her . Although grandad always did end up trying to get money out of the ATM, that’s if he could see the pin pad.

The sea was rough today and soon cooled off by the time we arrived. Grandad eventually took off his leather jacket and hat and left it in the boot of the car handing over our bucket and spades although we didn’t feel like digging as it was starting to get really cold.

We walked up to the splash part where there was a shop right next to it where it sold ice creams cakes a cup of tea. Mum and grandad would always indulge in a cuppa whilst me and my brothers had a ice cream with a flake. No matter the weather we always tried to enjoy an ice cream with Grandad, and no matter the weather Grandad would always enjoy taking us all out what ever the weather….

Happy Birthday Grandad you would have been 73 today! You are much loved and missed ! Thankyou for so many good memories I know you’d be with us at the seaside now if you could be.

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