I miss you… still

I hate every lingering habit

I picked up from you

every shoulder shrug

every empty hug

every empty rumble from not eating from anxiety before arriving at yours… I miss you…. Still… I miss that I can’t fucking text

and if I do ill become a crazy ex

I hate that I can’t just turn up and say


because you’ll push me away.

I hate that your probably at the other side of the world by now.

and im frozen in the palm of your hands.

I picture myself in my coat with the fluffy hood

looking up to you as snow falls

the part where I feel in love

I still miss…. this

this feeling where I’m so fucking high

and I can’t take you off my mind

the days of hours sat wondering

what the hell we are doing and if your going to end up coming… over

stumbling… words like broken stairs that lead to nowhere

and im scared, that I miss you…. Still.

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