You wasn’t always a …

You wasn’t always a cu*t…
Yeah I know because once you gave me your heart and soul…
Now your friends are all freaks,
I mean look at the state of their feet,
No one where’s thoose types of trainers,
They’re out of date and they need reminders.
You wasn’t always a cu*t,
You had a good taste in music,
Pretty close to your family,
I admired your authenticity,
But you turned on me,
Like I was some kind of creep,
You wasn’t always a cu*t,
Honey, please come in,
I made dinner, you know what you used to say about chicken,
These little perks of things,
You wasn’t always a cu*t to me in reality,
I guess,
It can’t be,

You wouldn’t turn your back on your kid,
Not slightly.

I don’t get why things had to be so hard,
I didn’t mean to push you too far,
I wanted at least to be amicable,
We had a child that’s magical,
I get you hate that I gave birth,
And maybe for all that it’s worth,
Perhaps maybe there’s a better earth…
But you wasn’t always a cu*t.

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