Where I’ve been

Where I’ve been.

Not many people even know.

Not even friends I talk to.

If they are even friends at all.

Where I have been.

I’ve been on the dock near Humber street,

Staring at the floating feet,

That used to belong to me and him,

Footsie under the table by the bin,

I stare in the water it holds me in,

My gaze it stares it grabs me quick,

His property not far from here,

Another person washed his hands of me, I’m not very good at acting as an enemy.

Where I’ve been I’d like to know,

Sometimes I just walk anywhere you know,

The industrial estate sometimes,

Perhaps the park, I’m warned I’m told that it’s scary dark.

But the most place that I’ve been,

Where I’ve stared and felt and seen,

Is near the corner of the Humber street,

Looking in the water.

We walked up there, you showed me all of your new adventure, we walked around the corner, we walked up there, you washed your hands of me, you rid me, you lied, you used, you cheated me , you scar me , you scabbed me, you left me, beat my body, my body bruised, bloodied, dying you used,

you used me by lying.

Not even I know where I’ve been,

all I say is I’ve been near that stream,

near the river in Hull near the docks,

in hope the cold airy frost will clear the knots,

I don’t even control where I am, my mind it leads and drags my hand,

my brain the navigator, to the sea and water…….

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