I just want you to leave

Praying for your reach to reach me,
But I guess the changes and the same damn things that keep happening don’t teach me,
And I’m lying and crying for what ?
When you clearly have everything you got,
You don’t need me right now,
And I don’t know what to do and how to say goodbye,
And like a child I will pray for a better image of the sky,
As the storm shifts slowly into my mind,
Come dry my eyes and hold me so I don’t feel like I’m fading away again,
It’s another panic waiting to happen again,
Another dirty river swallows me in deep,
I should have known better than to trust a creep,
Your beautiful voice inserted in my head on repeat,
I just want you to leave.
The pieces of my heart get stuck into my throat,
And I hold my hands over my chest,
You’ve been gone for so long I don’t think I want you back,
And your trying to confuse me,
I just want you to go away and get off my back,
Whilst you kiss my neck and whisper something I’ve never heard,
yet, I just want all this to go away,
but I’m kinda hoping that you’ll stay,
but I can’t,
at last I pray as a demon sits inside my brain,
tomorrow is another day?
I will never see the same?
I’m not so glad you came,
and wish the reset button was working,
I’m feeling sick and strange,
yet, I’d never want anything more or anything less, than to feel your dirty filthy breath near my breasts,
But still it’s for the best,
That you leave.
Just an imprint of your body,
Left inside the bottom of your jeans,
Lingering across the bedroom floor,
No Label, no designer, will ever stop the seams…
From splitting,
Like rain it covers me whole,
and I just want us to have a home,
to call our own,
And if you could hold my face and say,
This is it today’s the day,
At last I think it’s too late,
And my hearts about to break ,
You have to go,
It’s time to leave.

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