it matters…

It doesn’t matter now,
In fact it doesn’t even hurt,
Not one bit,
It doesn’t affect my daily movements or thoughts,
It doesn’t stop me eating,
It doesn’t stop me being sociable,
Or from showering,
I mean,
I’m not wearing the same clothes since I last saw you,
And the smell of you isn’t still
lingering on my coat,
It doesn’t really matter now,
You can have all the time you
want to clear your head,
Because it won’t affect me,
It doesn’t change me,
It’s just kind of ****ty.
The situation never made me pause and just cry over the kitchen sink,
Or wallow into my clothes pile,
I’m not Swimming in torn up wrapping paper from a silent Christmas or anything like that,
And it’s not that I want to call you or have a chat,
I’m not isolated or cold as stone,
Just fed up of being alone.



Comments from it matters Original Share on All ( I wrote this almost a year ago )

-This is a gorgeous poem, and I definitely feel this on a personal level. I enjoyed the missing emotion feel to it. Like as if you almost wanted your heart to break over this person, as if you almost needed the pain. And it just wasn’t there and you can’t do anything but move onto the next. I love it. Wonderful words!

-Loneliness can cause a kind of drama. Well penned!
Good share

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