Sunflower in the wine bottle

Sunflower in a wine bottle
There was a sunflower in the wine bottle,
On top of the table my grandfather helped me get home
Before my son was born.
Left in the garden over night and in the day,
Wilting by the second
Like our love.
Sunflower in the wine bottle
Placed in the middle,
Candle burning just a little,
I handed a mug with coffee,
The stress I caused you made you re light the cigarette you promised you wouldn’t buy.
And the world went by
On by,
Stood in the middle of a time lapse,
cars pass,
Treading water,
On top of a curious world.
Sunflower in the wine bottle,
Was dying in the ground,
A new lease of life was found,
Inside that wine bottle,
Not for long,
But you sat in front of me,
In this time lapse.

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