That could of been us,
That could of been you,
That could of been me,
You see,
It could have been our family,
It could have been.

I remember when you first pointed it out to me,
That person having a baby so happily,
A couple formed that no one ever could have seen.
And I know I won’t be liked for what I say,
But I guess the title gives it away,
And that’s why it’s called letters you’ll never see,
Because you won’t be listening to me.

It could have been you,
It could have been me,
It could have been we.

A joint couple of responsibility,
Nothing stupid nothing silly,
Just love, something pretty,
I really wanted that you know…
But you had to let me go.
Just another bloke who took a blow,
sensitive ego.
University you said,
I deserve more and your not educated enough to understand,
My ethical connections with the world.
And by staying meant I’d be held back,
What a load of fucking crap!
It’s OK now because you left so long ago,
But it still hurts to know.

That it could have been us.
We could have been we.
It could have been you.
It could have been me.

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