Good morning


I feel bit rubbish if I’m honest. I cant believe we are already on the 2nd of January and I have my first exam on the 7th. I want to pass it but I keep telling myself I wont, the children where off unwell so long during December so I missed lots of work at university.

I absolutely love that it seems like I have two paths to work on at the moment lots of new things happening and new events and new people coming in and out of my life. Which I never ever thought would happen.

You guys have kept me coming back to wordpress coming back to writing when I thought there would be a part of me that would completely shut down and never write again.

I know the ones who keep staying with me and have been with me now for months and I cant thankyou enough, with you I’m pushing myself out there as a writer creator.

Theres lots of posts out there people quoting the, ‘new year new you’ when reality probably more than 50% of us where sat in out pjs on new years eve praying for the fireworks to end. That’s ok I know how that feels. Look you dont have to be a new you / you cant be a new you/ just be you/ love you for who you are things change in time they wont change as soon as the 1st January shows up.


Thoughts over

Much love

Lilyth Poetry x

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