I met you

I met you,

Outside, of the church,

Near the crossing .

A path we crossed over 4 years later, as if in different bodies on the way to the fair.

I met you,

Outside the church,

A stranger,

I had no encounter.

You make me a friend through Facebook. Now that place you’ve erased.

You said it felt as if you already knew me, if only I knew back then, I’d hear that phrase again, over and over by others who just wanted to get into my knickers.

And if I had a pound for every time I here them say, how hindsight is a beautiful thing, I’d have a grand.

I met you, young and on fire, full of energy dying to get to know me, unique and quite to everyone else, you wanted to hold my hand but with no direction.

And now as I get older, things you never told me, truths I will never hear, and distance makes it clear, that it didnt matter to you that you met me, outside the church on sunday, near the crossing, wet and cold it was I remember, the lights glossing on the puddles in the road.

Please remember me.

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