7th Jan Something’s changed. Hull we need action

So, so much is happening, I dont know if I’m excited about sharing this with anyone. I’ve got a writing fever but have to focus on exams, focusing so much so that I’ve deactivated social media for now apart from Twitter.

It’s been a crazy week already, the kids are back at school and I had my first exam yesterday. Still reeling from the appalling general election results in December. I feel terrified for people who are in difficult circumstances.

I get criticised alot for being ‘over empathetic’,’worried’, look something has changed and I feel like screaming and writing until people are waking up.

Please wake up…

I came across an article last night in the paper. I purposely unfollowed the paper because I disagree with the way that they write news stories. They’ve exploited so many people in my local area who have many different complexities, put them in more vulnerable situations. I was once one of them. I’ve had work experience with the newspaper, I have written for the paper and I have been on the front page of the paper.

The papers aims are to sell, print it dying out. Even though Jeremy Kyle is no longer on TV shock headlines on people in poverty and difficult situations still corruptly, enter our everyday lives. (Also learning that the local paper is within the same circle of The Sun paper. Media group if I remember correctly. Which in terms of media is not great)

I could write a whole piece just on how the media can and has damaged peoples mental health. Ironically in a non funny way Jeremy Kyle was pulled out of TV and for what ? Because someone committed suicide.

I could rant on forever about some of the HDM failings of supporting people, but equally they have supported people too so it’s all round. But when does it stop? When do we start caring more?

I came across this article a journalist had put together about the people who had died last year. I’m sure at least half if not more had committed suicide. I know it’s been happening and happends but I really do worry for Hull especially its mental health. As a whole we need a change, something needs to change.

Awareness constant conversation, we need to keep together times are only getting harder and suddenly changing. The system in terms of access to welfare for mental health is dropping (I know I have no facts right now but I will find it… I can sense it. Cut backs changes to services). Happend to my mum happend to people I know and meet and talk to.

At the end of this article, Phil Taylor was there. I had to read it 4 times because I couldn’t quite get my head around it. That he had passed away. He was on the same degree as I. In my first year. I had no idea. He was 32 and 6 weeks away from graduation.

Everytime I see a death, a suicide on the news my heart sinks beats inside my stomach. I’ve been down, I’ve felt depressed. I know what it can feel like.

We need to act as a community.

(No link)

Then today as I drove passed community church on Hall Road a huge banner in yellow that had air flapping up inside of it yelled ‘Food collection, come in chat and natter’.

I thought oh my god, this is so strange. Why are we getting all these pop ups of food places?

People can’t even afford food?

What’s going on?

Is this our futures our fates?

Will our children be met with churches and food stalls instead of Aldis and Tescos?

It’s kind, right?

They’re just being kind?

5 thoughts on “7th Jan Something’s changed. Hull we need action

      1. Those A-holes in the government think they are creating a competitive market, things are just going to get worse as long as they stay in power.


  1. Have you seen the BBC miniseries ‘Years and Years’ (aired last year)? It’s a fictional projection of where the world is headed, and tackles stuff like divisive politics, the pervasiveness of technology, the immigration crisis, climate change and another major recession. It’s really terrifying because a lot of it is seriously plausible. I think you’d like it if you haven’t seen/heard of it 🙂

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