8th jan what is sleep anyway?

Sleep has been on my mind lately. We take it for granted when we get the chance we dont take it then when we dont have the chance we are gasping for a break to sleep.

Or at least that’s how I’ve been.

Especially with a one year old, university, one year old, university, one year old. ( sorry I’m so tired I repeat myself.)

People forget when they have children and they get a bit older sleep through all is calm and then you have another baby and you go “ah this is pips” and then they hit one years old.

Theyve gone back to not going to sleep and persistently waking you up all night and then being asleep in the day !

I wont forget this … my eyes feel pressed inside my brain and every morning is like a vicious hang over from early days night clubbing seeing people being too lazy to go to the toilets and pissing up the walls in the smokers area. What even is sleep?

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