Becoming ghost.

You said you wouldn’t be like them,
Come home from work ,
And ask why all the pots havent been done .
Whilst I’ve been with the kids all day ,
You said you wouldnt expect that .
You’d take the slack and be apart ,
Digging your nails and fingers into the sink ,
And digging out all the dirty bits .

now it’s as if nothing ever happend ,

Is that how its supposed to feel?

As if you was never here standing in my living room,

The rotating world flicks and pushes days aways,

Sitting with my fingers tapping on the tiles,

As I clean and scrub the pots again,

Dinners dont feel as exciting,

Its lonely eating on your own,

And at last I think its making

Me feel as if I should move home.

I’m desperate to feel ‘normal’

And learn to be myself,

Was the version I learnt of you,

Even true? Questions, I wont ever learn.

And whilst these, friendships, people also turn away,

Like the ghost that you became,

I feel like I should do the same.

Becoming g h o s t

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