forgive me.


have you forgiven me yet?

give me a chance to explain at the next event,

its hard to go i still feel your ghost,

so alone,

I don’t know whats close.

I’ve spent so many nights alone,

cant you just take me home?

the winters made things difficult,

and summer seems so far away.

it will be hard without your face,

kept me going though the days,

i picked a bunch of forget me knots,

i connected the lines and traced the dots,

i felt your finger cross the line,

you cross my heart…and ho-


do you forgive me yet?

or is your time being better spent.

i told the wolf that i’m alone,

the wolf it bit,

please take me home.

forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.

my heart is no longer with me,

its inside your eyes,

oh don’t you see,

i’m not in control and your not over me,

and it kills that you will never speak,

please rid this hunch, and forgive me please.








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