Low mood.

I’ve been experiencing some real life situations,

Coming to harsh realisations,

No answers given by people,

And driven by this feeling that’s given,

Constant absence and low mood,

In a world of my own.

You can say my name but it doesnt belong,

I have no idea what’s been going on,

And at last I feel this nothingness,

Holding hands with low mood.

And even when I have a big meal,

I still feel this emptiness,

It’s like I’ve not even eaten any food,

Why do people have to be so cruel,

Thank god for this low mood.

All my guards back up and this fortress I build,

In hope I will regain my shield,

Sort of hurts to be happy too,

Maybe things will resolve soon,

I hope. But for now.

I’m sitting with this new friend.

A friendship that will never end.

Sees me different from all the other feelings,

Feels like I’m stripped walking around nude,

Come bare with me and

this new low mood.


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