The dwp call

Four seasons Vivaldi – He was a socialist
Waiting for the
people on the other end,
As I anticipate the call to send.
The four seasons screeches in my ear,
Waiting for the goverment to hear,
My pleas and begs for them to not take more,
For I am struggling of course,
They punish me over and over ,
Taking every penny which equals to every little piece of food from our mouths,
I’d sue them but I dont know how,
I am just a tiny voice,
That likes to make a lot of noise…
Half an hour in and there still is no answer,
I put on loud speaker so I can free my hands and…
Then a voice I hear,
Clear consise,
Can i have your national insurance number,
Your date of birth and names in order,
I say it and I spell it out for you ,
All these personal details you keep of me ,
You say well done you’ve passed security ….
Now what is it I can help with ? Let’s see? ….
I explain that I’ve been calling for months ,
About some over payment stuff ,
Your taking all my grant and loan ,
I might as well of never studied and stayed at home ,
And now I have a bloody over payment ,
I cant see how with the documents I sent ,
And you say your not even allowed to see ,
The money that is on the screen ,
You said the debt your doing on me is done blindly ,
I mean what the hell have you just told me ?
Surely that is not legal in so many ways …
But I still have no fight you take what I have left away ,
Well you cant today I’m over my over draft ,
I try and have a little laugh a tear squeezes out my eye,
but I have nothing left to give the goverment they can try ….
The man on the phone was a socialist at heart he understood my pleas and asks ,
Still I walk away ….
With 29.95 pence your taking away minus the 340 too that’s all of my grant gone for books and a mobile phone.
And without it I cant challenge you or call,
So I will just climb back into bed,
With the four season Vivaldi in my head.
( the four seasons is the name of the song on hold Vivaldi grew up in poverty and worked in an orphanage it is said that he had extreme asthma so why he would never play wind instruments and mastered the violin. He died in poverty also.petitions by people have been done to change the song for obvious reasons and also because it is a repetitive sound some have said aggressive )

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