I never invited you. You let yourself in.

You let yourself in,

To escape from all the corrupt things that where happening,

And I took you in, I was listening,

Without questioning,

the invitation I never sent.

And I was careless because I was young and just wanted to be in love.

That was my weakness.

There was no confess no apology,

And maybe that’s because your still in love with me….

It was nothing special nothing great,

Just a pit stop for your boy sobs,

A place to defecate.

You let yourself in,

Crowded my mind with your problems,

Because I cared,

well now i dont care and it’s no loss to me,

Dont come back because I’ve moved out and left the city.

You let yourself in,

you stood in the street, looking through the glass hole for an eye to peep,

You needed somewhere to sleep.

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